House Rules

- Wezwa FC is run solely by volunteers who love the beautiful game and want to share this passion with your children. We all strive to make the sessions fun and inclusive.

- Your help and support are therefore always much appreciated and needed in setting up before and clearing away after the sessions the goals, balls, bibs, cones etc.

- Dress your child appropriately for the weather; in winter extra warm layers including gloves and a hat are necessary.

- Shin pads must be worn by all players at every training session.

- Metal studded boots are forbidden.

- Label all WezwaFC kit with your child's full name and please check they have everything with them on leaving the pitches.

- All players should bring a bottle of water to training and if needed, a small post-match snack.

- Training sessions run from 10.30 until 12.00. Please be on time to start promptly at 10.30am.

- Before and after these training times parents are solely responsible for their child / children's supervision. Wezwa insurance only covers the players during the training session itself.

- You are all encouraged to stay to watch the players during training. If you have other commitments and cannot stay, please ensure we have your mobile numbers in case of emergency.

- We hope that parents will stay to encourage their child from the sidelines but request that this does not turn into individual coaching. This is distracting for the children so coaching should be left to the trainers.

- Dates when we train are listed under 'Training Dates' on our website. Please check these dates and inform your lead trainers if your child / children are unable to attend.

- During the winter months we may have to cancel a training session due to bad weather (snow, frozen pitches etc) making training unsafe. A general notification that training is cancelled will be posted on our website and closed Facebook group 'Wezwa' by 10am that morning so please do check before heading out.

- A no-smoking policy is in place at the pitches and cafeteria.

- No animals are allowed.

- Wezwa encourages cycling, walking or taking the tram to training when possible.

- Parking of cars at the venue is for trainers only. General parking can be found at Rue au Bois / Bosweg in Wezembeek Oppem. Details shared by email.

26/11/2020 22:54