Welcome to Wezembeek Wanderers FC: Football Basics for the Young

Wezembeek Wanderers (Wezwa) Football Club was started back in 1990 by a number of enthusiastic parents and volunteers. The objective of this amateur club is to provide a fun and friendly environment for children of all ages (from 6 to 16) and abilities to enjoy the beautiful game of football.

This principle provides the foundation for the Sunday sport's club, which celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2020. Every year Wezwa try to enter local Belgian tournaments (often in the spring) as a test of the WEZWA players’ abilities, with increasing success and even several trophies.

WEZWA is more than just training; we do try to turn out footballers who can hold their own in ‘real’ games. Moreover, we try to teach the children the values of fair play, mutual respect, and provide movement, pleasure and sporting opportunity.

From humble beginnings on a muddy pitch behind the church in Wezembeek-Oppem the club eventually moved to the British School of Brussels fields in Tervuren allowing the club to expand and acquire better equipment. After over 20 years training in Tervuren we moved back 'home' to Wezembeek over the summer of 2021.

The new season 2021-22 will see Wezwa training at our current home at Daring Wezembeek, Sportspleinstraat in Wezembeek-Oppem. Current membership is at around 160 children with around 25 trainers and volunteers.

On 21/10/2020 Wezwa FC (company number 0756 825 177) also officially became an ASBL (une Association Sans But Lucratif).

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